Needed Bee Pollinators both Honey Bees and Bumble Bees are disappearing-What can we do?

Elaine Evans a researcher at the University of Minnesota gave a talk in Ely August 21, 2013 sponsored by the Ely Field Naturalists.  She also conducted a short field trip in the afternoon to help us identify local native Bumble Bees.  The facts are Bumble Bees are disappearing, along with Honey Bees, and there are things we can all do to help prevent further declines in our bee populations.   As native plants are replaced by non-native invasive species native pollinator populations, like our native Bumble Bees, also decline.  One thing we can do is bring back native species to our gardens and local areas.  Another important point made by Elaine was to check with your local nursery when purchasing native plants and make sure they do not contain long lasting persistent pesticides.  Scientists now know that pesticides have played a significant role in the decline of bee populations around the world.  Many species now extinct.  You can see Elaine’s full talk here.

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