Frank Moe to deliver petitions to Govenor Dayton March 8, 2012

Frank Moe and his Huskies
The Race To Protect Minnesota from
Acid Mine Drainage

SLED DOGS TO ST. PAUL – Sunday and Monday events in Duluth, Thursday at the Capitol.
Reminder –
March 4, Duluth Lester Park Event 3-4 pm
(Lester Park Pavilion 61st Ave. East and Superior St)
March 5, West Duluth Munger Inn Event 9-10 am
(Williard Munger Inn, 7408 Grand Ave.)
March 8, St. Paul Capital Event 10:30-11:30 am
(75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.)

Former State legislator and dog sled musher Frank Moe is planning a dog sled run from northeastern Minnesota to St. Paul. Frank Moe and his dog team will deliver petitions from across the state to the Capitol on March 8th. Concerned citizens, local businesses, and many environmental organizations and groups are involved in the fight to save our beloved Arrowhead Region from copper-nickel sulfide mining, a dangerous new type of mining never before permitted in Minnesota.

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