Mining History 1888-1967 and a few local stories by Iron Mike Hillman

Iron Mike Hillman is active this cold winter, maybe a record cold winter for Ely, with writing, acting, reading his stories at local venues and recently giving a slide show at VCC talking about iron mining and logging between 1888 and 1967.  The receptive crowds have asked for a repeat of his story telling and his history slide show.  So, we present them here.  The VCC slide show was made possible by the generous loan of  historical photos from their growing and very impressive collection, we just converted them to slides for the larger audience at VCC.

Mining History 1888-1967

Earlier in the winter Iron Mike was, at the invitation of a local Arts group, on stage reading some of the historical stories he has written over the years.  Again, the request was to place these recordings on line for others.  And, here those are.

St. Anthony’s Bells

The Story of Ella Hall

Daisy Redfield

Misc. Stories by Iron Mike Hillman


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