Paradise Lost? The Ocean as Harbinger by Chuck Dayton September 3, 2013

Chuck Dayton presented personal slides and his observations from a trip to numerous coral reefs in the South Pacific recently to the Ely Tuesday Group at the Grand Ely Lodge last Tuesday.  Chuck described and showed evidence with his slides of the negative effects humans are having on the health of corals in this region.  The same is reported by scientists to be happening to most coral reefs around the world.  Chuck is an accomplished photographer and underwater is a new adventure for him that he has also now mastered.  Take a look at the slides from his trip and we think you will agree.  View the video of his presentation with slides Here.

Chuck pointed out that a very small change in the ocean water temperature causes the food source, special algae, to be expelled from the coral causing the coral’s death.  He also talks about the ramifications of this process, occurring on many of the world’s coral reefs, to other marine life that depends of the coral for their existence.  He also talked briefly about the vitally important plankton food chain in the ocean.  A great source of information about the plankton food chain and another startling look at what we humans are doing to the ocean, and thus to ourselves, is a video called Planet Ocean by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot with narration by Josh Duhmel.  This would be a highly recommended view after watching Chuck’s presentation.

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