What do you have to say about Project Firefly?

Project Firefly Observation by Mike Hillman

Project Firefly is like.....

One of my earliest childhood memories is of the warm summer night when I first noticed fireflies. We were on a family picnic and as the evening gradually started to darken all of a sudden the sultry summer air was filled with tiny flashing lights. It was as if the stars came down from the sky and were hovering in the air around us and it was all a wonderful mystery to me. I asked what the beautiful lights were, and I was told they were fireflies. Once I found out they didn’t bite I got hold of a glass jar; poked holes in the lid, filled the jar with grass and dandy lions and before long my jar was filled with the greenish glow of fireflies flashing their mysterious messages that only fireflies could understand. I remember trying to read by the light of fireflies but the light was never bright enough to illuminate anything other than them selves.

The first thing I did when I got up in the morning was to scramble out of bed and look at my jar full of fireflies. I don’t know what I expected to see when I looked into the jar, but I know it was more than the simple small black bugs clinging to the grass and dandy lions inside my glass jar. At night I thought fireflies were about the most beautiful insect I had ever seen, but looking at them in a better light I realized that in daylight fireflies lose there magic. Fireflies might glow in the daylight, but they can only be seen in darkness, once you turn on the lights all the magic and illusion is gone. One might be able to say the same thing about the EADA’s Project Firefly.

What are your thoughts on Ely’s project Firefly?

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