Project Firefly Documents, 2011 Summary, and Video of Feburary Special Meeting & Video of Firefly Explanation by Bill Roloff 3-9-2011

Larry Klun Memo 2005-Ely Entities & General Structure
EADA Articles of Incorporation 1996
Firefly Summary-Nancy Larson-Jan 2011
Video of Special Meeting
Video of Firefly Explanation by Bill Roloff
If any of the information provided here is different than what you know or you have a different viewpoint please comment or email us. We are still trying to sort this out. As we understand events, Larry Klun established the legal entities known as the EEDA, the CEDJPB, and the EADA, document one above. He also wrote up the Articles of Incorporation for the EADA, 2nd document above, which is a necessary document for a corporation in Minnesota, as it has been explained to us, and describes the legal responsibilities of the organization. Further refinements can be made by amending the Articles or by the creation of By Laws, which also exist for the EADA. The third document is a document sent to the Clerk of Ely by Nancy Larson, the recently let-go director of the EADA, summarizing her views on Project Firefly, third document above. This is the communication that precipitated the Special Meeting of the EADA Board of Directors on February 1, 2011 called by Kelly Klun, the Ely City Attorney and member of the EADA Board. You can watch that meeting in it’s entirety here The second video was taken by Ely TV at the EADA Business Mixer 3-9-2011 in which Bill Rolloff explains his views on Project Firefly but does not answer questions from the media or citizens present.

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