Ely Community Center Building

The Ely Community Center is one of those places that help make Ely the place it is. It is a fine old building that is worth investing in. It was built back in 1938 when New Deal money from Franklin Roosevelt allowed the city to tear down the old Central School Building and replace it with the latest in Art Deco building fashion. I remember the building in its prime, and I have watched time and neglect catch up with us until now we have to do something; either tear this one down and build a new one, or spend the money to fix the one we have. Several years back I wrote to the Minnesota Preservation Board who had a list of ten buildings in the state that needed some help, but were worth saving. I wrote them a paper telling them about this wonderful old building, and they agreed with me; The Ely Community Center is a special place and it should be saved. It has seen better days, and I hope it will see better days in the future, but as home to the award winning Ely Public Library it is still the heart of the town. They don’t build them like this anymore, let’s fix the place up, and put in an elevator. If area churches have elevators we should have one in our Community Center which would make access to the upper and lower floors free and equal to all our citizens. Mike Hillman March 10, 2010

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