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Welcome to the new ElyMinnesota.com website, now also ElyMN.us

Welcome to the new ElyMinnesota.com website, now also ElyMN.us — both domains and URLs lead you to the same fantastic experience. This is both an experiment in community-based social media as well as informational promotion of Ely and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness: community-based because it depends on the community of Ely to make this effort successful; informational promotion of Ely because we will be offering information at many levels and not concentrating only on PR. There are both an incredible side to Ely and there are challenges. We will offer information on both, on the total package that is Ely, Minnesota.

While ElyMN.us continues all the great features you love about ElyMinnesota.com — live web cams, directories of places to stay, places to eat and things to do, and local news — we’re expanding to include a social component.

As a social media community website, almost all components are now, or soon will be, available for your participation, With NO data mining or use of your personal information. You contribute, participate, share, comment and post thoughts, pictures, videos, sound recordings and suggestions as you wish — no more, no less. Some areas are public spaces; in others, you will decide what and with whom, individuals or groups, you share.

Click on the bulleted subjects below for more details about these subjects. You will be able to comment or make suggestions from each page, as well as on this post. If you have questions, please ask. Be community social and help Ely grow

As an Ely Community Social website, our hope is the community will work together to promote Ely, to bring more people to Ely to live and vacation and experience the beauty and health-giving nature of this wilderness area. Learn why people who have experienced what Ely has to offer return as frequently as they can. You may even want to stay — as in live here. That was my choice some 30 odd years ago. To me, where I live is as important, maybe more so, than what I do. And, Ely is one of the healthiest place to live that I know of.

From the old website you will still find articles from the Ely Buzz, the Sulfide Mining Blog and a newer section about Morse Township. You may search for articles in those sections going back several years, The Sulfide Mining Blog dates back to 2006, although not much has changed: The Iron Range fraternity of “we should log, mine and lease the hell out of these lands” (quote by David Dill) wants mining as much as ever; those for clean water, wild rice and long-term healthy sustainability of the region don’t want a copper mine in this region just as strongly.

This website is a work in progress, and the progress will depend on the degree to which community members find it useful, can make it useful and will participate in its evolution and growth.

  • What is social media, and is it social?
  • Read a brief history of elyminnesota.com.
  • What are the new and social features of this website?
  • How do I get started using the website?
    • Business Directory Listings for all Ely-area businesses are free, with a paid premium version available with additional features, if desired.
    • Community Events may be listed; create your listing here.
    • Sell your products and services in the Products area. This will be a free service for one year starting June 1, 2018.
    • Share your thoughts, pictures, videos and sound recordings. You will retain the rights to any media you share and may sell them if you wish. Share with the community, sell to the world.
    • The Buy/Sell/Trade section is for services you offer and for selling or trading those accumulated household, personal, sports, garden and miscellaneous items you no long need. Save on shipping expenses and hassle by keeping it local.