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New Features of www.elyminnesota.com and www.elymn.us

New features:


Be a part of the new social community of Ely and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. If you live in Ely, if you love Ely, if you have ever taken a trip or want to take a trip in the BWCAW, then THIS website welcomes you to that distinguished community.

This is a positive space where you can share, without anyone harvesting, aggregating or using your information. Any information you wish to share here, stays here. It is either private or public, as YOU choose. Share what you know about Ely and the BWCAW. Help build an environmentally aware, sustainable, healthy Ely community.

Social media is grand when it favors your family and community. As we are all beginning to learn, though, social media is not so grand when it is used for a false sense of achievement that only benefits the collectors and owners of YOUR information and data. If you would like to read recent articles about how we have all be used by Facebook, email me and I’ll send you a link to, currently, 38 articles.

New features of the www.elyminnesota.com and www.elymn.us website.

  1. Events Calendar — Information on area events are placed here by individuals involved and/or the events’ coordinators. Listings include dates, times, what it’s about, and pictures — all contributed by those responsible for the event.
  2. Business Directory — Information about any business listed is information supplied by the businesses themselves. The NEW Business Directory contains many new options for businesses to tell you about who they are and what they can do for you/us. If the information looks a little lacking, that is either because the business has chosen not to place the information there or it has been transferred from our old database built over time by our limited staff.
  3. Products Pages are built by anyone with a service or product to sell. ElyMInnesota.com/ElyMN.us may sell products here that we determine are of special interest to the community, but most of the products are from local vendors, suppliers and services.
  4. The Media Gallery is also built by the community. No matter what level of photographer or videographer you are, if it is important to you, we will create a gallery for you to exhibit your skills and what interests you. If it pertains to your cat or dog or hobby, you might want to put that in the social section (like Facebook, but we won’t mine your data) and share with ONLY your family and friends, not the whole world. Photos and videos and audio recordings are easy to add. You can even add images to your social page via mobile phone.
  5. New High-Resolution images on the home page show Ely and the BWCAW at its best and is a customer-controlled slide show. Arrows on both sides of the large image let the viewer go forward or backward in the slides. The slide show will change with the seasons. If you have area nature slides you feel would help promote Ely’s natural resources, please send them or place them in your media gallery.
  6. The Buy-Sell-Trade section allows you to do just that and move items around the community efficiently without the expense of advertising or the high commissions of eBay. For the time being, this is a free service to the community. Eventually we may charge a nominal fee to cover our expenses. But it will always be less expensive than eBay, and it will be local. Get rid of those items that clutter your life but might be useful to another.

As mentioned, this website and all its features and functionality is still evolving. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.