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Ely State Theater

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“Chewie, we’re home.” Harrison Ford said it in “The Force Awakens,” and we’re almost ready to say it when our movie home, Ely’s Historic State Theater, opens in 2020. It will be our home for today’s top movies, independent films and favorite oldies. They’ll brighten the screen just as soon as the screen actually arrives and is installed this spring.

Alley A Realty has restored the 84-year-old deco-style theater, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places. The theater’s non-profit board and volunteers have raised funds to equip the theater with lights, sound, projector, seating and the all-important popcorn machine.

The theater’s supporters are funding the non-profit’s efforts through major donations, sponsoring seats for $400, donating through PayPal and through the website at www.elystatetheater.com.

“It’s alive! It’s alive!” Dr. Frankenstein said it in 1931. We’ll be saying it about Ely’s Historic State Theater in 2020. The theater has already hosted its first theatrical performance, the sold-out “The Quiltmaker’s Gift,” and more music, plays and other events will follow.

We can all claim the theater as our own, because it’s designed as a cultural hub of film arts, entertainment and learning that cultivates a vibrant, healthy community. Our home!

This camera is sponsored by The Pebble Spa located across the street from the Ely State Theater; please stop in and say thank you to the friendly staff.