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Cooking with Wild Berries & Fruits of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan

by Teresa Marrone Teresa Marrone has been foraging for wild fruits and berries for years; now let her recipes guide you every step of the way in the kitchen. She’s compiled more that 150 tried and true recipes featuring 40 of the region’s most delectable edible plants. Many of the featured fruits and berries are common, and some might even grow in your backyard! This cookbook helps you make the most of the wild harvest that’s there for the taking.
* More than 150 recipes, featuring over 40 of the region’s edible berries and fruits
* Recipes for sauces, baked goods, drinks, desserts and more
* Tips on harvesting, freezing, dehydration and canning
* Small-batch jelly and jam recipes to maximize your harvest
* Tasty treats, whether ingredients are picked or purchased
* Handy cross-references to Teresa’s companion field guide: Wild Berries & Fruits Field Guide of Minnesota,
Wisconsin and Michigan

Price: $12.95

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Dancing a Polka to Heaven

This is the story of Father Frank Perkovich, the Polka Mass Priest, as told by his friends. Father Perk, as he is known to his friends is one of the most unique and real individuals you could ever hope to meet. He has inspired thousands with his genuine love for people, his kind nature, and his dedication to reaching people through his Polka Mass. This book describes his journey and the charming effectiveness of his Polka Mass. This book will be loved and appreciated by people from all walks of life. “Go in peace, love the polka.”

Price: $16.95

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Homemade Root Beer Soda & Pop

“This book gets an A+! A good variety of old- fashioned recipes.” -American Herb Association

Price: $14.95

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