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Built With Pride in the Land of 10,000 Lakes for the BWCAW

Our hand crafted cedar strip canoes are made of only full length cedar strips and white ash gunwales. There are no skarf or butt joints in canoe built by BW Canoe Co. All of our canoes have "skid plates" built in, as well as reinforced sterns.

Modern epoxy resin bonds to the wood, creating an incredibly tough hull. Epoxy resins have been used on the smallest canoes to the largest seagoing yachts. Although not quite indestructible, they are definitely not fragile. They are made to withstand the rigors of paddling and portaging the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and they do. We use only West Systems® brand epoxy, the leader in marine epoxy technology.

Wooden canoes are quiet, relatively light in weight, and absolutely stunning in their beauty. They are heirloom quality, you can hand it down for generations. They will command your attention, and the attention of anyone that sees it. They are so attractive that some people buy them for display purposes, but we recommend using them for canoeing as often as possible.

Our goal, at BW Canoe Co., is to provide functional, durable and usable canoes. All of our canoes have "skid plates" built in, as well as reinforced sterns. We have been building canoes since 1997 and we are members of the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association.

The 11' solo canoe will cost $1870. The 18 ½' is $3150. By far the most popular are the 17' canoes offered here, currently selling for $2890.

The traditional style "Superior" canoe, based on a century old design, is 17' long, 34½" wide at the gunwale, the bow is 20" high and it is 13" deep at the center. This will handle big water and big loads, stable enough for fishing, or to let the kids play at the cabin, a great "all around" canoe.

The "Kawishiwi" a modern design with an asymmetrical hull, a slim bow, and the maximum width just aft of center has a bottom that is slightly rounded, with a gentle rocker. It will hold 600 lbs easily and is very fast as well as responsive. It is also 17' long with a bow height of 19 1/4", 13 1/4" center depth, and 32 1/2" wide at the center.

Due to the time required to make a canoe of this quality and to high demand there is presently a waiting list and delivery times vary. Of necessity it is "first come, first served." Quality craftsmanship takes time. Please contact us for any additional information you might need or for other canoes we make.

Crating and freight charges are incredibly expensive. We will deliver free within 100 miles. This area would include Superior, Wisconsin, Duluth, Grand Rapids, and International Falls, Minnesota. A delivery fee of 70¢ per mile would apply, after the first 100.

Price: $2,890.00

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