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Bradley Classic Hunter #16815

This Bradley Classic Hunter is a perfect camp/hunting knife, utilizing 52100 steel with an American Walnut handle or Gemsbok horn handle. The blade is 4 ¾” long and the handle is 4 ¼ “ long for an overall length of 9”. The durable heavy leather sheath is also hand crafted by John Bradley individually for each knife and fits like a glove. This full tang knife, as all of Bradley’s knives features a hand polished, mirror finish on the tang, top and bottom, all the way to the point of the knife on the top edge. You absolutely cannot find a finer crafted knife, bar none.

I have owned many knives in my life, hiking, camping, canoeing, birding and fishing, Buck, Gerber, Kershaw, Puma, Case, and others. None can compare to the knives made by the Bladesmith John Bradley. John is an avid outdoorsman and hunter and knows intimately quality and functionality in knives. He has been making hand crafted knives for over 35 years, has been written about in knife magazines, and is respected by the best in the industry. And, I’ll tell you why I like John’s knives: They are a perfect balance of beauty, craftsmanship, and utility. These knives are made to be used and used and then passed on to your grandchildren. The finishing details, the temper of the steel, the sharpness of the cutting edge, the mirror finish on the tang and top edge of the blade, the “fits-like-a-glove” sheath, all make these knives collector quality but also meant to be used. Each sheath is made specifically for each knife. The quality of the sheath is a work of art in itself, also made by John. He oversees every aspect of the creation of these knives.

If I could only have one knife for all of my outdoor activities, it would have to be a John Bradley Classic Hunter.

Another well known knife maker commented about John’s knives that “John takes extra care to make sure the blade edge is razor sharp.” Backwoods Magazine said “They are so sharp it’s scary.” John will re-sharpen the knife, if needed, for the life of the knife at no additional charge.

Price: $265.00

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