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Enterpreneurs and Immigrants

By Michael Karni.
Series of essays selected from several that were read at the Iron Range Research Center in Chisholm, Minnesota, as a result of two conferences held there. The topics that were covered include Indian life before the coming of the mine bosses, the gold rush of 1865-1866, early mining entrepreneurs and their task of establishing iron mines in the wilderness, women on the mining frontier, company social policies, labor unrest among the miners, and the development of town-sites on the Vermilion Range. Cover by Carl Gawboy.

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Fascination Loons-Amazing Images & Behaviors

By Stan Tekiela Striking photographs capture loons in action and depict behaviors never before presented. Concise, accurate information drawn from the most up-to-date research and Stan’s own extensive observations. In-depth and engaging description and images, from physical traits to social activity. Gratifies the loon enthusiast’s desire for beautiful photos and detailed information. Satisfying and appealing balance of images and text. Headings and small blocks of text make for pleasurable, easy browsing. A nice companion to the Fascination Loons Audio CD.

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Ghost Mines of the Ely Area

By Milt Stenlund in cooperation with the Ely-Winton Historical Society.
Stories about twelve iron mines that were explored and developed between the Mud Creek Road area from Armstrong Lake to Lake Vermilion and a six-mile radius of Ely. Also included, the Howard Mine near Lake One on the Fernberg Road out of Winton, some 15 miles. The mines were developed between the 1880s and the early 1920s, and all were abandoned by 1924.

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Happy Depression on the Iron Range

By Finny Lager.

A number of humorous stories relating to the Depression. Written by a second-generation Finn, covering stories of the Finnish people, also taking in the different language dialects on the Iron Range.

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Homemade Root Beer Soda & Pop

“This book gets an A+! A good variety of old- fashioned recipes.” -American Herb Association

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Lake Superior Rocks & Minerals A Field Guide to the Lake Superior Area

By Bob Lynch & Dan Lynch Your must-have guide to Lake Superior’s rocks and minerals. Full-color photos and the details you need to know for identifying and collection
* incredible full-color sharp photos: the authors know ricks and took their own photographs in order to depict the detail needed for identification-no more guessing from line drawings
* comprehensive: photos of 75 rocks and minerals means you’re more likely to identify what you’ve found
*entries organized by area: find rocks unique to Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan or common to all three
* easy-to-use format: quickly find what you need to know and where to look

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Listening Point by Sigurd Olson

Listening Point is titled after Sigurd Olson’s retreat on Burntside
Lake near Ely. Sigurd Olson considered Listening Point more than just a piece of land; it was a “composite picture” of the northern wilderness he knew and loved. As he built a road and moved a cabin to the point, though, he faced a problem that our generation continues to struggle with: How do we simultaneously access and preserve wilderness? Listening Point is an eloquent exposition of the dilemma from one of America’s most poetic conservationists; it is philosophy grounded in the richness of Sigurd’s everyday experiences at Listening Point.

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Listening Point Foundation 2016 Calendar

Listening Point Foundation had this to say about their 2016 Calendar:

This smartly designed calendar for 2016 features wildlife photos representing the North Woods by local photographer Heidi Pinkerton. You will enjoy seeing a new view of North Woods Wildlife each month and can gladly give the calendar as a welcome gift to those who value nature’s beauty.

Buy your Listening Point Foundation 2016 Calendar now?


CALENDAR with profiles

To discover more about Sigurd Olson and the wilderness that inspired his writtings, view and purchase his books:

Listening Point

Open Horizons

Reflections from the North Country

Runes of the North

The Lonely Land

The Singing Wilderness

Email for international shipping rates.

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Magic on the Rocks by Michael Furtman

Pictographs of Northern Quetico, Eastern Quetico, Central Quetico, Western Quetico, and the Boundary Waters. Covers the origin of the pictographs, the symbolism, and social customs. Also, maps, directions to sites, and photos.

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Nature Speaks Truth Postcard – Free Shipping!


Connecting or re-connecting with nature is one of the most valuable human endeavors for health and well-being. Invite your friends along as ElyMinnesota.com reminds people to connect with nature.  Standard postcard size, sold in packs of 10.  Free shipping!








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Old Babbitt

By Milt Stenlund in cooperation with the Ely-Winton Historical Society.
History of old Babbitt, the plant and community, with pictures in the early 1920s.
Also history of the remaining community from 1924-1955, with pictures. Interviews with residents about memories of the past.

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Open Horizons by Sigurd Olson

“The Pipes of Pan” sets the tone for Sigurd Olson’s biography in
essay, Open Horizons. Some of his earliest memories are being enthralled by small, wild places and experiences that would shape his life and writings. As an adult he continued to listen for the loons, wolves, the singing wilderness and the voices of the voyageurs. Open Horizons tells the story of Sigurd Olson’s life, from his childhood to his discovery and exploration of the Quetico-Superior country near Ely. The later chapters become increasingly philosophical, as he offers reflections on his work as a conservationist and environmentalist and wonders about the future of wilderness.

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Pioneer Life in Ely

By Lee Brownell and pictures from collection of Lee Brownell.
Not a history of Ely, but a number of stories about people and the events as remembered by somebody making a remark or by other means. Stories are accompanied with many pictures.

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Reflections from the North Country Sigurd Olson

With Reflections from the North Country Sigurd Olson establishes
himself among Thoreau and Emerson as one of America’s great
philosophers. His earlier books were full of wilderness experiences and reflections that had clear philosophical implications, but in this book, the last published in his lifetime, Sigurd concentrates on the philosophy of wilderness. “It is more than wilderness, beauty, or piece of mind; it is the survival of man and his culture.” Reflections from the North Country is a reflection on Sigurd’s own experiences and ideas, but is also a response to the many philosophers and theologians that he had read, ending with a hopeful discussion of an “emergent God.”

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Roaring Stoney Days, 1888-1958

A souvenir booklet. A commemoration of Ely’s 70th birthday and the Minnesota Centennial. History of Ely with excerpts from the Ely Miner. Pioneer memories with pictures of older residents. Finnish residents listed and a history of the “sauna.” Includes history of Winton. Also information on city churches and businesses.

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