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Calendar Parking in Effect

Pursuant to Ely City Ordinance
Calendar Parking is in effect from:
November 1 – May 31 (Unless lifted earlier)
(Read article for details)

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What is the question Tommy? Will it kill Polymet? or Will it kill Wild Rice?

If you want to see the effect of exposed Cu/Ni sulfide rock on the plants of our region watch the video on this blog post.

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Ely Buzz!!!

Ely Buzz is a blog for Ely and Area residents and visitors with an interest in Ely. Any subject pertaining to Ely is fair to discuss, ask questions, or to make suggestions. Current events, history, Ely politics, how we can improve Ely and suggestions on how to make that happen are just a few possibilities.

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Sulfide Mining In or Near the BWCA

The BWCA is facing a major turning point in its history and needs level heads and calm minds to determine the proper way to proceed. We are faced with the contentious issue of non-ferrous sulfide mining in or near the lakes and streams of the BWCA. The EIS was released this week and the countdown […]

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