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Calendar Parking in Effect


Pursuant to Ely City Ordinance

Calendar Parking is in effect from:
November 1 – May 31 (Unless lifted earlier)


ODD date – park on the NORTH side (on this side all house numbers are odd)

EVEN date – park on SOUTH side (on this side all house numbers are even)


ODD date – park on the WEST side (on this side all house numbers are odd)

EVEN date – park on the EAST side (on this side all house numbers are even)

You may egin parking your car between 6pm and midnight the following day

Questions: Please contact the Ely Police Department at 218-226-5477

Thank you.

John Lahtonen
Chief of Police
City of Ely

2 responses to “Calendar Parking in Effect”

  1. Elan Mumme says:

    Why does calender parking get enforced when there is NO SNOW? The ordinance is enacted to assist in snow removal and even when there is NO SNOW, police think it is enforceable. I refuse.

    • Cristina says:

      The DNR needs to update the Online Regulations book.It cutrrnely reads two opening and closing dates for inland trout with no other details. It took a lot of searching to find a clear answer (thank you Tom)Why make a change so unclear and late in the year. Many communities will suffer from cancellations due to the change in such a late fashion of the BWCA trout season. As a job holding fisherman I have to scramble to try and get time off MIDWEEK; and at the end of the calendar year (when you put in for vacation for the next year) This change could have been thought out a bit, is completely unscientifically based (unless I’m missing out on a DNR press release, I’m searching) and a poor way to handle changes to the regulations.I sent a version of this rant to the DNR.

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